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AVI’s Integrated amplifier has been a tremendous success, selling the world over to delighted customers, many of whom have contacted AVI and its agents to enthuse profusely about its performance.  It has also won numerous awards and professional recommendations, however it is not nearly as good as AVI’s pre/power amplifier combination.  When combined with the Brio loudspeakers, the extraordinary clarity of the AVI separate components revealed detail that most have never heard before.  These advances in resolution and clarity required AVI to produce the Lab Series CD player to be as perfect as the best technology allows.

The Laboratory Series CD player is the result of months of painstaking development and meticulous attention to detail.  The artifacts that spoil the sound of CD players are at such low levels, they are incredibly difficult to detect.  Only with time and patience can they be found and eradicated. Too often we see emphasis placed on the technology, while scant regard is paid to its implementation, yet this alone explains most of the difference in sound between competing players!  It just shows that you can give half a dozen cooks the same ingredients and they will all produce a very different cake.

For AVI, it is a labor of love and a matter of pride to achieve the very best possible performance from any product that they build. They will never be a high profile company because they do not produce enough new products, but what they do is engineered with a precision and care that few can match – AVI is for the discerning few who recognize and appreciate true craftsmanship.

Their new CD player matches the other products in the Lab Series range, and is incredibly solidly made.  The front panel is 10mm aluminum and the rest of the case is 1.6mm steel plate with stiffening bends to ensure complete rigidity and damping of moving parts. This rigid chassis is then assembled with 14 screws holding the unit together!

Specially selected buttons are mounted just below the surface of the front panel in ergonomically designed, close tolerance, oval holes.  The blue vacuum florescent display window is an optical filter to give just the right brightness for relaxed listening.  Quality is immediately obvious from the look, feel and weight of the Laboratory Series CD player.

The resulting sound is smoother and more detailed with a greater sense of ambience than one normally hears.  This can be a problem for those that mistake a slight harshness caused by distortion in lesser designs as “dynamics” or “extra detail”.  However for those well versed in the assessment of such things (and familiar with the sound of live acoustic music), the AVI Lab Series CD player will be obviously superior, especially on complex material and flowing tones.

AVI CD players, like all their products, are extremely durable and reliable.  However, laser assemblies eventually need replacement and AVI have chosen one that is readily available all over the world and is very easy to install.  In fact the whole player is of modular construction so that, in the event of failure, complete PCBs can be sent to facilitate repair.  All service information is also supplied to accredited service personnel whenever it is needed.

The following is a letter received from a well respected UK Hi-Fi reviewer and was completely unsolicited:

“After further listening - including inserting it in several other systems - I thought I'd better let you know that I have come to love the CD player.  Not only is it better than I first thought, it is unequivocally better than the Densen and, indeed, every other CD player I have been able to lay my hands on, including the very highly regarded £4000 Musical Fidelity kW SACD player.
Don't ask me what made the difference - me, great products getting better the longer you listen to them...I don't know. Interestingly, the laminations on the power amp's transformer have stopped humming, too. In fact, the whole system sounds better than ever, i.e. quite astonishingly good.”

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AVI S21MC CD Player $3299.00

Clearance Price $2199.00

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Output Level (+/- 0.2dB):    2V

Frequency Response (+/- 0.2dB):    <2Hz - 20kHz

Output Impedance:    10 ohms


0dB        <0.0015%

-20dB    <0.005%

-40dB    <0.05%

-60dB    <0.3%

De-Emphasis:   Automatic

Dynamic Range:    120dB

AC Mains Supply (factory pre-set):

90V - 125V, 180V - 250VAC

AC Mains consumption:    30W Max

AC Mains Frequency:    50 - 60Hz

Dimensions (W x D x H):    12.5” x 13.75” x 3.75”

Shipping Dimensions (W x D x H):    16.25” x 18.25” x 7”

Gross Weight:    19 Lbs.