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From the onset TheDigitalMusicExperts.com staff decided they would represent only those products they could uncompromisingly and enthusiastically recommend.  We decided on one rule for all the products we would represent - we would only offer products that we would own ourselves, or that we could wholeheartedly recommend to our family and friends.  With their combined experience of over sixty years in the high performance home entertainment industry, Keith and TJ recognize that spending their waking hours trying to sell a product they don’t feel is good enough for themselves or those they love is their own personal version of Dantes’ 9th Circle of Hell!

Therefore, TheDIgitalMusicExperts.com staff spends hundreds of man hours each year researching potential brands to represent. The products that we ultimately offer to our clients are chosen first and foremost for their performance.  Each product we represent offers the best sound quality one can find at its price point.  We spend weeks bench testing, listening to and using each item under consideration for offer.  If the product passes this initial evaluation process we turn it over to our advisory panel for a rather grueling audition.  This advisory panel is made up of a number of our friends and associates in the consumer electronics industry, as well as long time clients who have demonstrated a love for, and deep appreciation of, music.  These sales professionals, service techs, installers, customer service reps, journalists and music lovers whose ears we trust are all invited to examine, audition and evaluate the potential new offering.

Our second criteria for choosing a product is the long term feasibility of the product and the company that produces it.  The products we recommend must offer a long term return for our clients.  The items we choose have either an excellent long term track record or, if it is from a new company or is a new product category, must engender expectations for a long and healthy run in the market.  Our years of experience in the industry allows us to make educated estimates of a product’s long term reliability and market viability.  A mixture of creative design, exceptional engineering, quality manufacturing and outstanding customer service are the qualities that we look for in any company we represent.  When a firm demonstrates these characteristics, or the potential to achieve these, we believe they will be important players in the marketplace for the foreseeable future.

Finally, the last criteria that we include in our decision making process is that we like, trust and respect the people who design, manufacture and distribute the product line.  Life is too short to spend your time angry at, or frustrated with, your suppliers.  We truly expect all our business partners to be friends and colleagues, with the common goal of bringing a better musical experience to those who have a passion for performance.

How We Choose Our Brands

TheDigitalMusicExperts.com proudly represent the following exceptional manufacturers of high performance, high value products:

AV International, Ltd. of the UK

AVI-d Digital Lifestyle Products

Audioengine Products

Calyx Digital Audio Products

Quadraspire Equipment Racks and Cabinets

Quadraspire QX! Silencer Speaker Supports

Our Brands

Welcome      About Us      Our Brands      Systems      Specials      News      Views      Links      Contact