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The AVI ADM9 USB was the speaker that “started it all” - the original inspiration for TheDigitalMusicExperts.com!

The ADM9 was the first high performance, audiophile grade active speaker system designed to get the most from the digital streaming revolution.  The ADM9 went beyond traditional active studio monitors and home audio speaker systems by offering a high performance USB CODEC and line level preamplifier sections, all controlled with a supplied infrared remote control.  This makes the ADM9 USB a complete playback solution for your digital sources.

Since the ADM9 USB also offers an analogue input, this high performance, high value playback solution will allow you to listen to your favorite records or television/FM broadcasts.  Also, because the USB CODEC features both digital to analogue and analogue to digital converters, any analogue source connected to your ADM9 system can be converted into a digital data stream and ripped to your computer’s hard drive* for playback from your favorite digital media server.

With precision fourth order Linkwitz Riley active crossovers feeding high performance amplifiers (75 watts for the treble and 250 watts for the mid-bass), the ADM9 USB plays your favorite media with a sense of clarity, spaciousness and dynamics that belie their size.  Add AVI’s ADM 10” Powered Subwoofer and you will have a full range playback solution that bests traditional hi-fi systems at three times the price (or more!)

The ADM9 USB earned accolades from some of the most experienced reviewers in both the consumer and professional audio industries. Take a few minutes to read what Hifi Choice and Sound On Sound had to say about these speakers and you will be convinced that this is an astounding deal.

TheDigitalMusicExperts.com has a limited number of the AVI ADM9 USB systems in stock.  Originally priced from $2750.00 per pair, they are now available at over 50% off!  These systems are samples that have been used for demonstration, evaluation or review and are in perfect condition.  All prices include UPS Ground shipping in the contiguous US.

TheDigitalMusicExperts.com can answer all your questions regarding the AVI ADM9 USB speaker system, all you need to do is contact us at your earliest opportunity. 

Sample Stock:

AVI ADM9 USB in Gloss Black or Gloss White

$1199.00 pair!

(*additional software required)

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AVI ADM9 USB Active Monitors $2499.00 pr.

Clearance Sale Price $1199.00 pr!

AVI ADM 9 Gloss Black Gloss White Cherry Hero
AVI ADM 9 USB Rosewood Lifestyle
AVI ADM 9 USB Gloss White iMac
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