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AVI has a passion for miniature speakers.  Properly designed, they can give better results than much larger and more expensive speakers. They are also easier to accommodate in your home and cost less because smaller boxes are more economical to produce than larger ones.

Back in 1996, AVI introduced the original Neutrons.  They were a big improvement on their “Reference” LS3/5A’s but sounded similar.  The Neutrons received very good reviews and sold surprisingly well.  Reassured that we could sell worthwhile quantities, AVI decided to see if they could do better.  They did, and they called them the NuNeutrons.  They got even better reviews and sold in thousands, however AVI were still not satisfied and took another swing by designing the Neutron IIIs.  They were better in every respect and still more thousands were sold!

Since then, AVI has found the Neutrons increasingly difficult to improve.  However, in cooperation with their select component supplier Vifa, the bass driver has been re-designed to produce a much better mid range.  The improvement is clearly audible and it makes these tiny little speakers a revelation!  All of us here at TheDIgitalMusicExperts believe they are more than a match for anything out there regardless of size or price.  They will surely take their place along side some of the all time greats.

The Neutron IV’s are comprised of a five liter ported enclosure, fitted with a 5" doped paper mid/woofer and a "top of the range" 1.1" silk fabric domed tweeter.  The small loss of sensitivity involved with this type of drive unit is more than offset by the greatly reduced distortion and coloration that they offer.  The crossover is textbook second order Linkwitz-Riley design and uses massive ferrite cored inductors and polypropylene capacitors.  Internal cabinet resonances are damped by a measured quantity of acoustic wadding.

The following are some of the honors awarded to the various versions of the AVI Neutron over the years:

What Hi Fi 5 Gold Stars

Gramophone "Audio Choice"

Hi Fi Choice "Year's Best"

January '01 Hi Fi News - "Star Performer"

What Hi Fi - another "5 stars"

Sound on Sound - "quite a noticeable improvement in mid range smoothness and the bass"

International Record Review -"very worthwhile changes"

What Hi Fi December ’03 another 5 star review

What Hi Fi August '04 Group Test Winner & 5 Star Award

Hi Fi Choice November '04 Best Buy

What Hi Fi Awards 2004 - Best Stereo Speakers £500 - £1000

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AVI Neutron 4 Mini Monitor        $1299.00 pr.

Clearance Price                         $899.00 pr.                SOLD!   

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Frequency response:    100Hz to 23kHz +/- 2dB

Bass response:    -6dB @ 65Hz

Bass drive unit:    5" doped paper 1" voice coil

Treble drive unit:    1.1" doped silk composite

Crossover:    12dB/Octave Linkwitz-Riley

Sensitivity:    87.5dB/W/M

Amplifier range:    30 - 150 Watts

Enclosure:    0.5" MDF real wood veneered both sides

                     5 L volume rear ported. 

Finish: Natural Cherry

Dimensions:    10.5" X 5.5" X 9.5"

(including grille & binding posts)

Weight - pair:    16 pounds

(22 pounds including packing)